Communicating in English at work can be complicated and scary.

We make it easy.

Whether you need to speak to clients in English or give a presentation in English, we train and equip you to succeed.  

Here at Petrita Global, we turn your basic English into professional English.

Hello, I'm Petra !

Business English trainer and consultant.
Owner of Petrita Global.

Nice to meet you!

Is this you?

  • You have to speak in English with clients, managers and coworkers but lack in pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • You have to write emails, reports or landing pages in English but are limited in spelling and grammar.
  • You lack confidence when discussing in meetings or when giving presentations in English.
  • You travel in your job or want to move to an English-speaking country and need stronger English skills.
  • You need a resume in English to apply for a job.
  • You need to practice for a job interview in English.
If you can relate to any of these frustrations, you're in the right place!

We are pretty sure that you would feel more professional and confident if you found a solution to your troubles. We are also pretty sure that getting strong English skills would give you a competitive edge in your career or business. Also, it would probably change your private life for the better as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

This is where we come in!

We offer online education in Business English where we teach you the language skills you need to be fierce in the marketplace. 

We love teaching but we also know the importance of mentoring. In addition to teaching, we help our clients with planning and study techniques, and we give a boost of encouragement when confidence is lacking.

In other words, a wider and more personal service!

Work with us

Our programs will give you valuable competence and confidence to excel in your career or business.
We mix teaching, mentoring, planning, and study techniques for the best results!

Below are two different ways to work with us. Choose the one that interests you.

VIP 1:1

This is for you who want to learn business English privately. Petra will teach and mentor personally following a tailored plan.

Signature Program

This is for you who are looking for an online course to improve your business English. We combine live group lectures with self-studies on a digital platform.